The beginning of our restaurant’s course is started on 30th May 2001 by Jacobs and Eftychia

Αbout Us

We love the greek cuisine and tradition. We like very much to combine the old with the new. That’ s why we created Hellas Restaurant.

Our History

The beginning of our restaurant’s course is started on 30th May 2001 by Jacobs and Eftychia, while thereafter they continue their predecessors’ work until today, with zest and zeal, their sons George and Kyriakos, having next to them, the same strong team by an elite of collaborators who for so many years has supported our efforts.
Our primary aim is to offer our customers delicious dishes, based on Greek traditional and regional cuisine with modern techniques and influences of today. New or even forgotten ingredients and products from the Greek land, participate in our dishes and the result will not leave you unmoved.

The name "HELLAS”, means "Country/Land of Light" and first appears in Homer (the biggest epic poet from whom both artful poetry and literature began).

Our restaurant guarantees the authenticity of Greek products and our homemade recipes are the key component of our success.

Your trust in us for so many years honors us and gives us the strength to continue the journey in taste and tradition. We are looking forward this year again, to welcoming our old and new friends.


Our philosophy is to make our local cousin more creative. This is why we search to find the original recipe, to keep it intact in its taste, to evolve it with new ideas and to present it with our own fantasy.

In a well cooked dish the most important thing is the raw materials and the love for good food. For this reason we find the best small local producers in order to have the best raw materials for our dishes (meat, fish, vegetables). The spices are from our garden, the olive oil is from our own production and the herbs are gathered from our local mountains!

Some of our dishes

Roast local bread with oil and oregano
Rhodian “pitaroudia” with fresh tomato and mint
Local sausage with sauce of Rhodian beer and onion
Pork neck with sauce of porto and orange
Bass fish with fennel and vanilla oil

Ice Creams

Chocolate bar with caramel peanuts strawberry sorbet
Banofi with cinnamon cream and caramel ice cream

*Our ice creams are made by us with fresh materials (like our famous cinnamon ice cream)

Opening Hours

Mon - Sun
Phone: +30 22440 48316


Our Cuisine

The traditional, handmade ladopites, the porky neck chop with Porto wine sauce and flavored with orange and the famous sea bass fillet with fennel puree and vanilla oil are just some of the delicacies that you will have the opportunity to taste and which will definitely uplift your taste, while traditional Greek dishes such as moussaka, souvlaki, tzatziki and "kleftiko" could not be missing from the menu.

The rich wine cellar offers you a choice from a variety of fine, local, Rhodian wines but also from vineyards of the wider region of Greece. Alternatively, a wide range of beers and ouzo will accompany deservedly, traditional dishes like dolmades, Rhodian Mezes, seafood meze with deep fried crust and fried calamari!

Do not forget to try the handmade sweets and ice creams we prepare daily in our kitchen.

Our Place

References on our place are influenced by the architecture of Lindos. Our yard is dressed up with a warm combination of stone and wood, floor paved with pebbles and floor tiles. Around the yard you will see the citrus trees, our spices and aromatic plants, giving a welcoming color and offering the feeling of a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. What will impress you in our restaurant’s interior, is the Lindian canopy while our family, traditional heirlooms are prevalent in the room and at first glance will travel you in the past.

Hellas Restaurant


Opening Hours

Mon - Sun 17:30 - 23:30

We can also accommodate social events of all kinds and offer your guests a memorable gastronomic experience and not only.

We accept all major credit cards such as Master Card, Visa, American Express etc.

+30 22440 48316

Call us for Reservation

+30 22440 48316

Our restaurant is located in the central square of Pefkos village. Further instructions on how to find us you can find in the following map.